Chabad House of Monroe, founded in 2002 with the blessings and under the guidelines set forth by the Lubavitcher Rebbe, is nurtured and supported by the residents of Monroe Township and surrounding communities. We recently moved into our brand new 6800 square foot building located at 324 Applegarth Road. The building contains the synagogue, classrooms, and a state of the art kitchen and dining facility. 

Chabad House is dedicated to the re-establishment and strengthening of our Judaic faith, principles, identity, commitment and pride. To that end, we provide religious services for Shabbos and all holidays as well as a very broad range of adult classes. In addition, we provide a Sunday school program for children which leads to Bar and Bat Mitzvah.

There is a broad range of housing options in Monroe Township with several communities within easy walking distance of Chabad House. Extensive Kosher shopping is available in a variety of nearby supermarkets and there are also Kosher restaurants in close proximity. Additionally, Lakewood with even more Kosher businesses is located about 35 minutes away.

Rabbi Spritzer received S’micha from Rabbi Hillel Pevzner a”h, chief Chabad rabbi of France in 1997. Before coming to Monroe he served as Rabbi in Maplewood, NJ. In addition to his responsibilities to the Monroe Township community, Rabbi Spritzer serves as a Jewish Chaplain for the New Jersey Department of Corrections.

Rechie Spritzer is a graduate of the Beth Rivkah Lubavitch Seminary, and holds a Masters in special education from Adelphi University. In addition to supporting her husband’s community activities she is kept busy with their children.

Chabad’s underlying doctrine is “Ahavat Yisrael” (love for a fellow Jew). Chabad recognizes no differences between Jews; its goal is to serve the spiritual and physical needs of each Jew regardless of affiliation, wherever he or she may be, with understanding and with love.

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Chabad House of Monroe Q & A 

Q: What is Chabad 

A: Embracing the philosophy of the Chabad Lubavitch Movement, which originated in the town of Lubavitch in White Russia during the 18th century, Chabad’s underlying doctrine is “Ahavat Yisrael” (love for a fellow Jew). Chabad recognizes no differences between Jews; its goal is to serve the spiritual and physical needs of each Jew regardless of affiliation or background, with understanding, sensitivity and with love.

By means of a rare combination that blends traditional Judaism with modern day techniques, Chabad has found the formula to develop a rapport with the most alienated of Jews and to enhance their Jewish outlook. By arousing an intellectual and/or emotional interest in our faith, Chabad has become the catalyst to connect Jews with their Jewish roots and revive the sparks of Jewish consciousness in the hearts and minds of each Jew.

Q: Do I have to be Orthodox to participate in programs offered by the Chabad House?

A: The Chabad House is inclusive and non-judgmental and our programs are open to all.  In fact, the majority of people who participate in programs at the Chabad House would not consider themselves to be Orthodox.  The teachings of Chabad are imbued with the renowned Chassidic spirit and joy, but in no way is the commitment to an Orthodox lifestyle a prerequisite to one’s acceptance at Chabad functions.

Q: Is the goal of Chabad to make me Orthodox?

A: our goal at the Chabad House is to educate and nurture ones development in Judaism. We are an educational organization dedicated to helping every Jew, regardless of background, affiliation, or personal level of observance, to increase their level of Jewish knowledge, enthusiasm, and commitment an observance.  At the Chabad House we invite you to explore the complex areas of Jewish religion, tradition, and practice in an open-minded and non-judgmental atmosphere.  All of our classes, programs, and services are designed to heighten the awareness and lend valuable insight into one’s heritage, traditions, religious practice, laws and rituals.  Each individual is invited to participate, study, and learn.  Each individual makes his or her own respective religious lifestyle decisions at his or her own pace. Each mitzvah stands on its own as an important step in ones personal growth.

Q: Does Chabad consider Reform, Conservative, or non-practicing Jews as “real” Jews?

A:  A Jew is a Jew is a Jew – period. Chabad avoids labeling other Jews, since it tends to divide and create barriers between us.  Jewish Law has traditionally considered anyone born of a Jewish mother or converted in accordance with Halacha to be a Jew, regardless of his or her degree of observance.  We have one Torah, we are one People, and we have one G-d. Chabad endeavors to bring unity among the Jewish community through our common bond of Jewish faith and observance.

Q: Do women occupy a secondary position in Chabad philosophy?

A: Secondary? No! The high standing of Jewish women in Chabad is central to the survival of Judaism. As the cornerstone of Jewish family life, the woman can attain a profound and meaningful spirituality, one that fulfills her deepest needs and aspirations opening fresh perspectives on self-understanding, growth and Torah knowledge. Ignorance, misconceptions, and outright myths about Jewish women have prevailed until very recently, turning many people away from an appreciation of Torah and a traditional Jewish lifestyle. Chabad is working hard to correct those misconceptions.

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