Services are held in the Harold Miller Shul, at the Howard H. Berger Chabad House – 324 Applegarth Rd. 

Services are held every weekday at 7:30 AM & 8:00 AM on Sunday

Mincha/Maariv Services every day including Friday, Shabbat and Holidays:

Summer: 7:30 PM – Winter: 4:30 PM (or nearest 15 minutes before sunset time that week.)

Shabbat & Holiday Mornings Services: 10:00 AM

Our services are held in a traditional setting and focus on the relevant and contemporary messages of Jewish prayer.  From “beginners” to “experts”, all will enjoy our warm and engaging services.

Services are followed by a sit-down Kiddush.

To sponsor a Kiddush, please call Rabbi Spritzer: 609 409-1000

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